Profile of Yokohama Symphony Orchestra

FOUNDATION Yokohama Symphony Orchestra (YSO)is an amateur orchestra founded in 1932 by Kojiro Kobune and Sotoe Yasojima.  1n 2007, we celebrated its 75th birthday and had its 600th concert in July.  It has been managed with the founder’s idea that YSO should be ‘Citizen’s Organ ‘.
REGULAR CONCERT The first concert was held on July 1st 1933 at Port Opening Memorial Hall.  We had had 12 regular concerts a year since 1954 when the Prefectural Music Hall was built.  Since 1984, we have had the regular concerts  eight times a year. On February 2022, we had the 714th concert.  It has been known as The concerts for the young people and has been very popular among citizens of Yokohama.
We play Beethoven’s 9th Symphony every December at Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall.  In the recent years as well as our 200 regular choir members ,an additional 400 citizen choral singers have participated to this event.  We have a large audience of more than 2000 every year ,which is the most among the concerts of Beethovens 9th Symphony held there. In addition to these regular concerts, we hold concerts at school or in other city when we are requested.  In 1977 we had an amity concert in Manila which is the sister city of Yokohama  
AWARD : We received various awards such as the Yokohama Culture Award in 1954, the Kanagawa Culture Award in 1982 and the Tamejiro Ando Award in 1983.
PUBLICATION: We published a book entitled Citizen's Organ, with a subtitle Kojiro Kobune and Yokohama Symphony Orchestra on July 7 , 2007 in honor of Kojiro Kobunes 100th birthday and  YSOs 75th birthday.
MUSIC DIRECTOR & CONDUCTOR: Kazuhiro Koga ,who is known as a composer as well
Profile of  Y S O  Choir

FOUNDATION: Yokohama Symphony Orchestra Choir was formed in 1971 mainly by the members who gathered for the chorus of Beethoven‘ Missa Solemnis’ which was played as the 258th regular concert of YSO in 1970.
We have concerts twice a year (in spring and in autumn). We play the chorus pieces with our orchestra.
REPERTOIRES 2001 Faure Requiem
Verdi Requiem
2002 Orff Carmina Brana
Beethoven Missa solemnis
2003 Mozart Vesperae
Mendelssohn Oratorio “Elias”
2004 Verdi&Wager Aria and Chorus
Handel Oratorio “Messiah
2005 Cherubini Requiem
Mahler Symphony No.2 c-minor  Resurrection
Haydn Oratorio “The Creation
2006 Mendelssohn Symphony No.2 “Hymn”

Missa C-major

2007 Gounod Missa solemnis sainte Cecile
Sibelius Finlandia
Brahms Ein Deutseches Requiem
2008 Beethoven Mass in C-Major
Puccini Gloria Mass, four voices and orchestra
2009 Faure Requiem

Oratorio “St. Paul”